Using Marmalead For Etsy Keyword Research With Free 14-Day Trial

One of my number one tips for Etsy success is understanding and utilizing keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Marmalead was the best tool I found to help me identify keywords that convert to customers.


A 2021 study found that, on average, 50% of Marmalead customers outperform the average non-Marmalead Etsy shop's annual revenue by SEVEN TIMES. And ALL Marmalead customers, on average, outperform the average non-Marmalead Etsy shops' revenue by FOUR TIMES. 


Pretty amazing, right?


Here's a quick run down of how Marmalead works and a link to the free trial!


Think of Etsy as a search engine. When a customer searches Etsy, an algorithm is used to show that customer the most relevant products to their search terms. By using keywords in your tags, listing description, and title, your product will show up on the results page in the order that it is most relevant to Sally. 


For example, let's say Sally searches "personalized makeup bag". If you have the keywords "personalized makeup bag" in your tags, listings description, and first few words of your title, your product will be considered relevant to Sally and it will show up on her results page. The closer your keywords are to the search terms that Sally is using, the higher the ranking your listing will be on her results page. Ideally, you want to be on the first few pages of search results.


Check out their in depth guide to Keywords and SEO here!


Marmalead is a great tool to help you see what search terms your ideal customer is using, identify long-tail keywords, analyze trends/engagement/competition, product research, and create lists. They also have a blog and webinar series for guides and tips. 


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